Daniel Parraz

Linux System Administrator

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--| Summary

• 17 years of Linux systems administration experience

--| Publications

Nginx Essentials - Technical editor

Learning Nagios 4 - Technical editor

--| Technology Experience

Operating systems
• Linux & Unix (Centos v5-v7 - Debian v7-v9 - Ubuntu v16.04, OSX 10+)

• Windows (Experienced w DOS, 95/98, NT, ME, 2000 Server/Workstation, XP, and some Server 2003/2008)

Networking, daemons and utilities

Package and configuration management using rpm, yum, dpkg, aptitude, yast, zypper, emerge, cfengine, puppet and chef.
• File Sharing on Linux/Windows hosts with SMB/CIFS via Linux/Windows servers - Utilizing ZFS and NFS3/4, iSCSI initiator/targets setups on Linux hosts

Version control with Subversion & Git systems

• FTP, SSH, SCP Protocols (vsftpd, proftpd, openssh, rsync, netcat)
• SMTP daemons (Postfix, Barracuda hardware, some Sendmail)
• POP/IMAP daemons (UW-IMAP, Dovecot)
• Network security/monitoring tools (iptables firewall, tcpdump, Nagios/Icinga monitoring, nessus vulnerability scanning, nmap host discovery, Ossec/wazuh, fail2ban)
• PowerDNS recursive/authoratative DNS, ISC's DHCP/BIND DNS & dnsmasq

Web Servers - Apache v2.+ & nginx v0.6-1+, Tomcat 5/6, Varnish 1-2+, some Lighttpd 1.4/1.5 and Cherokee v.99+ server setup and administration

Reverse web proxy, cache & load balancing techniques with Citrix NetScalers, A10 Networks, and F5 hardware, and also opensource software like Linux Virtual Servers, Cherokee, HaProxy, Nginx, and Varnish

Experience using cloud providers & API's for Amazon(AWS), Linode and other cloud environments.

Programming Languages

• Bash - Intermediate level

• Awk/Sed - Novice level
• Perl - Novice level

Ruby - Novice level

Hardware & software

• Setup & configuration of storage systems (NAS/SAN/DASD) utilizing RAID 0,1,5 and 10 on hardware/software platforms, & configuration/maintenance of connected Linux hosts. Experienced with NetApp FAS2000, 3000 and 6000 series, IBM DS3000/4000/5000, 2105 & 2107/DS8000 series SAN disk arrays, IBM Storage Volume Controller, Isilon NAS clusters, Fusion I/O SSD, Dell MD3000i, and Xiotech 5000 series SAN products.
• LAMP(Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) setup, configuration & maintenance, as well as RoR setups with Passenger on Apache & Nginx web servers.

• Virtualization experience with Virtualbox, with most guest hosting via VmWare ESX/VSphere(Lab Manager & VIC), VmWare ESXi, XEN and Citrix XEN server.

--| Career Experience

May 2010 to current
Self - Las Vegas, Nevada
Systems Administrator 

 Discuss, plan and build Linux system architectures for web based companies in various business sectors, from e-commerce to marketing and analytics providers.

• Extensive usage of cloud server instances and storage from Amazon AWS, Rackspace Cloud, and Linode, to enable client web applications to scale horizontally and vertically.  

• Documentation of system design, remote monitoring/alerting of critical client services, and root cause analysis and resolution of issue(s).

December 2009 to May 2010
ReachLocal.com – Woodland Hills, California
Systems Administrator  - Application Operations

Configured and maintained content delivery network nodes for static assets, secured the nodes with utilities and best practice, and optimized the web service with compression & caching of these assets throughout the web tier.

Assisted in the architecture and maintenance of configuration management software for all production, quality, and development environment servers. Wrote simple shell wrappers and scripts for custom logging of events, monitoring services & files systems, and automation of these system tasks and jobs.

Provisioning, monitoring and maintenance of system nodes across the application tier, utilizing web services like Apache, Tomcat,  MySQL, Cassandra, etc.

Participated in monthly on-call pager rotation to repair and diagnose problems in the application tier, and engage network, security, database, and systems teams if needed.

December 2007 to December 2009
Zappos.com – Henderson, Nevada
Systems Administrator

Management and configuration of all network and server operating systems and hardware for Zappos.com(and related web properties) web infrastructure; Including firewalls, routers, switches, and also Linux and Windows web/application/database servers & management systems.

Setup & maintenance of 5 node/fibre channel connected VmWare 3.5/4.0 cluster for development and quality assurance environments, usually running over 250+ Linux and Windows Desktop and Server instances.
SME for data storage planning, installation, configuration, and maintenance of over 100Tb of data in multiple data centers.
• Participation in  monthly on-call pager rotation to diagnose & repair Linux servers, network devices(switches, firewalls, routers) and databases in production e-commerce environment. Managed two data center locations in Las Vegas, Nevada, and approximately 300 devices & servers in production, development and quality.

May 2005 to May 2007
IBM – Tucson, Arizona
Product Field Engineer - Storage - Level 3 Support

Authored & maintained “Field Engineer Self Starter” guide for department wide usage with new hires from the US, Europe, and Asia; Used to decrease learning curve of the DS8000 to storage engineers. Trained country storage specialists from Canada, China, Germany, Korea, and India on IBM DS8000 installation, configuration and repair procedures.

Co-authored Student & Instructor guide for IBM DS8000 certified service representative training division in Atlanta, GA.
• Diagnosed and repaired IBM P & X Series servers, in standalone & active/passive cluster configurations, including components of fiber channel loops, host bay adapters, device/disk drives as well as host configuration to the storage server device.
Direct contact with product development engineers, field service representatives, and customers, in order to implement support procedures in a 24/7 environments.

June 2003 to October 2004
Marketing Masters Real Estate – Albuquerque, New Mexico
Systems Administrator
• Developed & managed all aspects of IT operations, including compliance to Housing and Urban Development specifications, for management of property in NM and Texas.

Introduced web-based group ware & customer relationship software for in-house HUD project management team.

Desktop support of 30+ end user PC’s running Windows 95, 98, 2000, XP, with file and printer sharing, roaming profiles, and authentication via SAMBA.

April 2002 to May 2003
Fat Cow Web Hosting – Albuquerque, New Mexico
Technical Support Representative
• Setup of subscribers E-mail/FTP/Web development applications on
Windows, Apple, and Linux platforms
• Quality assurance testing of in-house applications to support the end users & business, including testing of hosting control panels, user e-mail systems, etc.
• Installed, configured, and troubleshot subscribers PHP and Perl scripts, including form mailers, chat, and content management systems.

January 2002 to April 2002
UnitedHealth Group – Albuquerque, New Mexico
Customer Service
• Explained insurance claim forms and benefits to United Health Care members and providers
• Familiar with the industries UB192 forms and HIPAA privacy policy

October 2000 to January 2002
Earthlink – Albuquerque, New Mexico

Technical Support Representative - Promotion to E-Mail Technical Support Team
• Assisted Earthlink dial-up subscribers with connection errors, and configured web browsers, e-mail & news clients for members
• Isolated modem errors and other dial up networking errors, and took action to resolve and connect the user
• Recommended solutions for line noise and other connectivity issues that were out of the ISP's scope of support

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